Posts from April 2016

10 Ways to Make Her Day

Mother's Day is fast-approaching, and we'll admit, it's one of our favorite holidays. We believe it's the perfect holiday to celebrate not only mothers, but all the women who have contributed to our lives in meaningful ways. If you're looking for a small token of your appreciation, an indulgent surprise, or anything in-between, you'll want to peek at this gift-guide we've put together to make the shopping effortless! 

A Collection for The Dreamers

Are you a dreamer like we are?  It's only April, but we're dreaming of bike rides on Peaks Island, shopping downtown Portsmouth, and walking to get ice cream in a breezy skirt and sandals. Some pieces of clothing are able to make these dreams feel not so far away, and when the new Nico Nico Spring/Summer line, "Dreamers", arrived at Bliss, we knew these pieces fit the bill.