Love it. Want it. Need it.

We are full swing into summer and are loving all the new arrivals, our daily (and sometimes twice daily) iced coffee runs & sunny lunch breaks in Tommy's Park. We must admit, its been a great season so far - and it promises to only get better. Coming in August is our annual Skif Trunkshow (one of our biggest & most-anticipated events of the year!). Just last month, Angie (Bliss' owner) went to St. Louis to check out what's new for the line and even hand-picked some pieces for the upcoming trunkshow. A large box full of the best-ever sweaters arrived last week, stocking our stores with a preview of what you have to look forward to at this year's trunkshow!

Not familiar with Skif? We absolutely dig this company. Here's what they're all about:

Skif is a small creative clothing company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Their first big break was in 1999, when they designed over 90 sweaters for the popular science fiction film, "The Matrix." (Pretty awesome, huh?) But those who know Skif will agree, there's much more to this company than it's "Matrix" claim to fame.

This statement by Nina Ganci, creator and lead designer at Skif, really says it all: "We love our sweaters and the people who wear them." Skif has set out to make the world a better place - one sweater at a time. And if you ask us, they're doing a pretty good job! With only a handful of employees and knitters, each Skif sweater is hand-made and dyed at their St. Louis store. Most of their sweaters are one-size and are designed to be worn several different ways (backwards, upsize-down, etc.). Today, Skif is more devoted to their vision than ever before, and they have a strong following to prove it - yes, that includes us! They believe in comfort before fashion, yet they make their pieces look great anyways. Definitely a win, win.

Clearly, Skif is one of our favorite sweater lines. So much thought & love is put into each design... and it really shows. Wear a Skif sweater now (on chilly summer evenings) or later (with everything!). It promises to be your most versatile wardrobe piece for years & years to come!

P.S. Check out our new Skif arrivals & be sure to mark your calendar for our August trunkshow.

{Tell me: Do you own a Skif piece already?}

♥ Keriann