Looking for a side of style with your Halloween spook this week? We've put together some of our favorite items that can easily be added to a costume, or stand on their own to show your Halloween spirit in a subtle fashion.

A pair of pointy-toed, black Regina Flats from The Frye Company belong on the feet of the cutest witch around town. Add a bright orange Chan Luu cashmere/silk scarf to wrap around your neck, and a black Soho Headpiece from The Third Piece to ward off Halloween night chills.

Toss on a New Scotland beanie in bright orange, grab a black J.W. Hulme Co. legacy purse, and slip your lisa b. polka dot socks into your favorite boots before you enjoy a night on the town this weekend!
Going as a cat to your costume party? Why not perfect the outfit with a black Chan Luu and black flats.

You'll want to cozy up on Sunday morning after a weekend of festivities, so pull on a pair of orange lisa b. birdseye socks and drape a black Chan Luu around your shoulders watch your favorite spooky movie.
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