An Exclusive Look at our First Photo Shoot

For quite some time now, we've been working on launching our online store. Lots of preparation & planning have gone into this project so far; we're focusing on creating the same Bliss experience online that you would get if you were shopping in either our Portland or Portsmouth stores. In addition to best-selling favorites, you'll find new products that are just too special to not share with... well, everyone. We've worked so hard to create our Bliss aesthetic in our stores over the past ten years, that it's only right to hold our online store to that same high standard. And that's where we got the idea to produce our very own online look book. After meeting with local photographer (and knitter!) Carrie Bostick Hoge, we knew we were on to something good - possibly even great!

Hopefully come February we'll have our official web store underway (fingers crossed!), but in the meantime, sign up HERE to be the first to know about the launch! {And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest for more ways to track all that's going on at Bliss!}

Until then, these behind the scenes photos will give you a quick glimpse of what's to come for Bliss!

♥ Keriann