J.S. McCarthy Printers

Monday was an exciting day for us - not only did we make the trip up to Augusta to proof our printed package inserts for our online orders, but we were lucky enough to tour one of New England's oldest & largest sheetfed printing companies, J.S. McCarthy Printers. We're thrilled to see everything coming together, especially now that our online store has officially launched. Big things are happening at Bliss; we couldn't be happier about the path we're on & the companies that are helping us get there.

Meet J.S. McCarthy Printers:

J.S. McCarthy Printers, an Augusta-based company, has established itself as a top printing operation in the northeast through their commitment to technology, training and customer service. Besides it's printing plant in our capital city, the company also has offices in Portland, Boston and Hartford.

When walking through the plant on Monday, Bill Olmstead (our sales rep) pointed out the wide variety of products the company prints - college brochures, greeting cards, food packaging paperboard, magazines and books. By offering such diversified products, they've been able to better compete in New England, add and retain jobs, and make a large impact on the community.

To aid their growth, J.S. McCarthy also made several recent investments including a new printing machine that can print simultaneously on both sides of a 28-inch by 40-inch sheet of paper in one-quarter of a second - increasing their productivity immensely. Along with these upgrades, this 60-year-old company has been able to attract more business with their environmentally friendly practices. 100% of their electricity is generated from wind power and they recycle over 170 tons of paper a month. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

We feel very honored to work with such a highly-esteemed local company for our printing needs. A special thank you to Bill Olmstead for the wonderful tour. We've enjoyed learning about J.S. McCarthy and can't wait to receive our online printed materials - and share them with all our online customers!

♥ Keriann