Last week, Citizens of Humanity hosted their first ever brand summit with a group of 30 buyers to tour the design studio and sewing/washing facilities, gain insight into the future of Citizens of Humanity, and connect with other leaders in the industry. We're so proud our Bliss buying team was invited to be a part of the inaugural summit, read below for a behind the scenes look at the COH facilities!

Not only does Citizens of Humanity produce their denim in the US, it's all manufactured within a ten minute radius of their Los Angeles design studio. Why? Because Citizens of Humanity cares about every step of the process from design to shipment, and everything in between!

Fun Facts:
-The average pair of jeans takes a full day to craft, though some can take up to three!
- each pair of jeans takes 45-50 steps to produce
- Up to 40 sets of hands work on each pair, from the design process to shipment
-The Ozone Wash system Citizens invested in consumes less than 1/10th the amount of water that traditional manufacturing processes use. (Three cheers for innovation and eco-friendly manufacturing!)
-Almost 1,000 miles of denim are utilized per year in the factory
- Denim washes are unique and exclusive: each pair of jeans is laundered in its own specific way to highlight the characteristics and details of the style

As you can see, a whole lot of creativity, thought, innovation, and care goes into making a pair of great jeans. We feel fortunate to know Citizens of Humanity even more thoroughly after a week spent immersed in their world, and we LOVE sharing our passion for denim and knowledge with you. Visit our stores for a personalized Citizens of Humanity shopping experience, or visit our website and we'll send Bliss right to your doorstep. Stay tuned for all the exciting new styles and programs we plan to roll out over the next few months as we put all this new knowledge to work!