We love the earth every day at Bliss Boutiques, and we're proud to carry many brands that have a deep commitment to producing sustainable clothing, and protecting the environment. In honor of celebrating Earth Day this week, we decided to give you a look into the conscious efforts of two of our favorite denim brands: AG Jeans and Citizens of Humanity.

AG Jeans focuses on four target points to minimize wear on the environment: minimal water usage, minimal energy usage, eco-friendly fibers, and mindful recycling practices.

In 2010, AG began making jeans by the standards of their revolutionary "Ozone Process" that uses minimal chemicals and filters all non-biodegradable debris from production thus making the water clean to cycle back into the environment. Since 2010, AG Jeans has single-handedly saved 3 million gallons of water. As there are minimal chemicals involved, the washing cycles are drastically reduced and energy consumption is cut by 87%. AG Jeans works with fibers that are natural and biodegradable and even require less cultivation than most fibers used in the clothing industry. AG doesn't quit their eco-friendly mindset at the production process: they recycle roughly 1400 pounds of scraps of denim a week, build their showroom booths and retail stores using reclaimed wood from forest fires, and use all reusable tote bags. Rest assured when you put on your AG Jeans, every step of their production process has been responsible and thoughtful!

California has been suffering one of their worst droughts ever, and Citizens of Humanity quickly responded by altering and improving their production process. They focused on rebuilding their technology and machinery to rely on electricity and gas to cut water consumption by 90%. Citizens of Humanity didn't stop once they completed the task; they have since been investing in and designing more efficient machines. This dedication makes us love our Citizens of Humanity denim even more!

If you enjoyed this sustainable fashion blog post, stay tuned this week for more Earth Day love!