If you missed yesterday's sustainable denim post, scroll down for our first sustainable fashion highlight to get in the spirit of Earth Day! Today we're exploring the work two of our customer favorite brands, CP Shades and Prairie Underground, put into creating quality, sustainable clothing.

CP Shades, since their opening nearly 30 years ago, has used 100% sustainable and natural fabrics to create their clothing. Since these fabrics are natural, all scraps and waste are eco-friendly and recyclable. Each piece is garment dyed with natural dyes, which ensures easier disposal of the leftover water, and the safety of the manufacturers. As there is so much care and detail used during production, CP Shades pieces last a lifetime and reject the concept of "fast fashion" which undeniably leads to excess material waste and money spent. "Natural" perfectly describes the look, feel, and the production of CP Shades pieces.

While they are undoubtedly an eco-friendly brand, Prairie Underground prefers to broaden the scope by referring to themselves as being "socially conscious". The thoughtfulness far surpasses an eco-friendly mindset: Prairie Underground sources farmers exclusively in the US, hires local sewing companies to support the Seattle economy, chooses fabrics that keep the cost of each piece to an accessible price point, and considers the upkeep and longevity of each piece. The pieces are even meant to be washed and dried at home in an effort to reduce the incredibly high energy usage of dry cleaning to a minimum. This thoughtful attention to detail only magnifies the beauty and appeal of this brand.

The Earth Day fun isn't over yet! Check back for more this week!