A company that makes our hearts go pitter-patter.

Billowy tunics. Crisp, white linen tops. Breezy silk tanks. It's summer dressing at its best - and no one does it better than C.P. Shades! Over the past thirty years, the company has perfected the art of casual, easy-to-wear wardrobe basics. Something that keeps our customers (as well as our Bliss staff!) wanting more season after season!

Rather than beginning with a design, the team at C.P. Shades places the highest importance on fabric. The result is a low-maintenance, machine washable garment that only gets better with time. Plus, every piece is manufactured in Sausalito, California, something that founder David Weinstein takes great pride in - "We live here, so it makes sense to do it here!" We couldn't agree more.

Needless to say, C.P. Shades is a company that we adore. Even with our racks overflowing with new merchandise, their pieces create an almost ethereal feeling in our stores. They've done more than create top quality clothing... they've succeeded in creating a lifestyle. One that I, among many others, want to be a part of.

My newest obsession? Their square, 100% cotton bandana scarves. Flawlessly printed and only $32, these are a no-brainer for my spring wardrobe!

{Tell me: What's your favorite C.P. Shades piece? How do you plan on wearing it this spring/summer?}

♥ Keriann