Day 3 Recap

Day 3 was our much anticipated "denim day" at Coterie! The majority of our day was booked full of denim appointments at all of our favorite lines. We knew it would be a lot to take in, but couldn't wait to see what the denim industry has in store for fall.

Joe's Jeans

Our appointment at Joe's Jeans started with their ready-to-wear collection, which consisted of covetable tops, darling dresses and novelty jackets. They capitalized on the mini-dot trend with adorable flannel button-ups - something you'll be seeing in our stores come September! Their denim was a sure thing as well; we ordered plenty of our customer's favorite denim staples... and threw in a red skinny jean too!


AG's booth is always very recognizable at the show. Their walls are made of huge wood panels, they have doll-size displays on their walls of all their denim styles (so cute!), and they even have an AG bar at the front of their booth. It's slightly over the top, but if anyone can get away with it, it's AG!

The mini-dot trend was seen here as well - both in a sheer top and on their jeans! I can't get enough of this trend; it's cute, wearable and women of all ages can get away with wearing it. In addition to the dots, AG had some note-worthy denim washes and a large selection of colored corduroys for fall - a wardrobe staple here in New England!

Paige Premium Denim

I always love seeing the face behind the brands that we carry, so I was really excited to meet Paige at her booth (she was at the last show too & I even got a picture with her!). With over 10 years experience as a fit model for the denim industry's biggest names, Paige branched out in 2004 and launched her own line. As many of you already know, every jean has a specific & contoured fit - no detail is overlooked. It's these fine details that make Paige's designs better and better with each season. Lookout for new details in their popular Hidden Hills bootcut jean, along with other new cuts and washes for fall.

Mother Denim

The Mother booth was full of plush corduroys in rich jewel tones, gorgeous printed denim and quirky names for all of their washes ("tickle fights & barbecues" and "graffiti girl")! Their "looker" jean is quickly becoming one of our best-selling skinny jeans - if you don't get a pair before fall, make sure you try them out when the colder weather rolls around again (they fit perfectly into boots!).

Citizen's of Humanity

I'm not sure where to start with Citizen's - there were so many great pieces! Their slouchy boyfriend jeans were easy, relaxed and would work with almost any pair of our Frye boots. Then there's the vintage wash high-rise skinny - a jean that I can see a lot of our customers loving for fall. And lastly, their cocoon denim vest was incredible! Needless to say, we left their booth feeling excited for fall - how could we not!?

MiH Jeans

We're bringing in a few styles of MiH Jeans this fall - a line that is new to Bliss! After seeing their different cuts and sophisticated details in person, we knew that this jean would work great for our customers. I loved their "jet front pockets" (narrow horizontal strip pockets on either hip). This signature detail of theirs creates an almost dressy look - perfect for casual fridays at the office!

And that wrapped up our "denim day" at Coterie! (Some of you J Brand fans may have noticed that I left them out - we scheduled our appointment with them for the next day... so stay tuned!)

Our day wasn't quite over, however. We still had appointments at the Steven Alan Showroom to see four of our favorite lines - lemlem, Demylee, Steven Alan and J.W. Hulme. Lemlem's scarves were bursting with color (of course!), Demylee had us giddy over their cashmere sweaters, Steven Alan was full of ladylike silhouettes, and the bags at J.W. Hulme were so gorgeous they literally made our jaws drop!

Day 3 was a big day for us - I could seriously go on and on about the trends & key pieces from all the different collections, but I won't. I don't want to reveal too much - just enough to give you a glimpse into what fall holds for you at Bliss! If you're excited now... just wait until it starts coming in!

(A recap of the last day of our NYC buying trip is coming soon!)

♥ Keriann