There's something magical about holidays on the coast. Fog rolling across the ocean, sea-spray on the windows, the warmth of lights casting a glow onto every passerby. For our 2017 holiday photoshoot, we wanted to capture that magic and share it with you, wherever you are. Scroll down to see a glimpse of what we've been working on.

What better place to invoke holidays on the coast than in Portland's gorgeous Scales? Enormous windows look across Portland's working waterfront, and light fills the space. If you haven't visited this spot, it's a must!

No photoshoot is complete without our project manager Sebastian stopping by after school!

Our Bliss team at the shoot included Regina our Web Store Manager/stylist/ hair and makeup artist extroidinare, Operations Manager Kelly+ Store Manager Michelle styling the shoot to perfection, and Jill on photography!

We incorporated the most beautiful greenery arranged by Kristen Camp of Campfire Studio into the shoot in a big way. We can't wait to show you more of her work! We had an absolute blast prepping for the holiday season, and we're looking forward to sharing the holidays with you this year.

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