Chan Luu scarves are loved for their delicate simplicity and soft cashmere/wool blend. With scarves so luxurious, you might be worried they're too high maintence and delicate for everyday wear but when cared for properly, these scarves will withstand years of time and wear!

Cleaning: As the fabric blend is so precious in each scarf, we recommend leaving the heavy duty cleaning to the professionals with a trip to the dry cleaners. The good news is, a Chan Luu scarf is so airy and light, they rarely need to be cleaned unless something is spilled on it, or to freshen it up at the start of the season. Ask any of the Bliss girls- we wear our scarves almost every day, year round!

Storage: Simply hanging your Chan Luu scarf in a snag-free area (because let's be honest- it's pretty enough that you want to display it) is sufficent. If you'd prefer to have it tucked away, twist the scarf into a ball and set it in a drawer, or for extra protection, slip it into a silk bag. If your scarf becomes wrinkled after wear or storage, simply hang it in your bathroom while you're taking a shower, and the creases will relax.

Does all this Chan Luu talk have you in the mood to shop? We just refilled a rainbow of colors to bring some brightness and warmth to this last stretch of winter!