"Washed and wrinkled" is the CP Shades mantra we love living by! There's nothing better than effortless perfection. We've put together a guide on how to store your CP Shades so they maintain their prime, washed and wrinkled goodness!

Cotton/silk pieces are some of our favorites to store: after hand-washing, lay flat to dry, twist into a knot, and then toss them in a bin, or drawer! When you're ready to wear it, unknot the piece and you'll be perfectly wrinkled. (How perfect is that for traveling?!)

Linen pieces, once they've been hand-washed and laid flat to fully dry, they can either be folded for less wrinkles, or twisted into a knot like the cotton/silks for a more laid back vibe.

Flannels, mini-cords, and almost all other fabrics can all be hand-washed (or machine washed, in cold water, on a delicate cycle), dried flat, and folded down into your drawers.

Pack them in your suitcase, store them in drawers and bins, wear them wherever you go: CP Shades only gets better with time and wear!

Repeat after us, "wash, wrinkle, wear!"