Properly caring for denim can drastically lengthen the lifespan of your favorite pair by years, plus keep them looking as great (or even better) than the first day you wore them.

Less is more, in the denim-washing department. Washing your jeans too often will make the color prematurely fade, so keep this in mind when you're deciding if they need a wash or not! When they do need a freshen-up, turn them inside out and select the coldest setting to protect the color. If you're feeling extra ambitious- hand wash them for an even gentler alternative.

After washing, lay your jeans flat and let them air-dry to maintain their shape. Easy, and eco-friendly! Once they're dried, simply store them away from direct sunlight, and they're good to go! The best part about jeans? We adore the lived-in, worn-to-perfection vibe jeans get after wear, and know you'll love them more each time you slip them on. Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend?