The soft, beautiful leather used to craft Frye boots sets them apart from an average pair of boots. Properly caring for the leather will keep them hydrated, perfectly colored, and in prime condition! A few simple steps, and your beloved boots will last you a lifetime.

A New England winter can be a pair of Frye boots' worst enemy if they are left untreated! The season of salty roads, dry air, and bitter cold temperatures will dry out the leather and leave them lacklustre. The fix is easy -once a season, rub Leather Conditioning Cream on the outside of the boots to protect them for whatever the season may bring! Leather Conditioning Cream deeply hydrates the boots, and simultaneously weather-proofs them. Note that the leather may darken with use. This cream works best with traditional leather, for suede and nubuck, the next step is for you!

Suede and Nubuck Protector Spray can be sprayed on evenly to the boot exterior once a season to protect the color and reduce any staining. This spray has been formulated to avoid any change of texture and color in the suede and nubuck leathers.

Now that you've protected the outside of your boot, let's talk about the inside. We'll be the first to admit - boots can get a little musty when you're wearing them regularly. A couple spritzes of this Refresher Spray inside your boots, and they'll be smelling fresh and clean again!

Love how these products make your Frye boots look and feel? Stay tuned, we're about to get even more great cleaning and protectant products in!