A few weeks ago Angie and I attended Coterie, the largest trade show for Women's Apparel on the east coast as well as Designers & Agents, where we find some of our most sought after collections including Epice, The Pendleton Portland Collection and Prairie Underground to name a few. The September show is always one of the busiest of the year and the most difficult because it is booming in the store and it is so hard for me to step away, but alas, duty calls!

This show was by far one of the most inspiring I have been to in a while! We left bright and early Monday morning arriving at our destination just around lunch time. After a quick bite to eat at Wichcraft, which is on the first floor of the Starrett Lehigh Center where d&a is housed, we headed on up to start our day!

I was immediately wowed by Pendleton Portland's first Spring collection. I wasn't sure how a brand that really encompassed the fall and winter months could pull off a Spring collection, but they nailed it. Their printed silk pieces featuring Pendleton's iconic patterns with a modern twist, literally made our hearts skip a beat. Right next door, The Little River Sock Mill out of Fort Payne, Alabama blew us away with their organic cotton socks in shades of blue and cream. Their packaging and styling was the cutest we have seen in a while! We cannot wait to get these in for Spring!

We started Coterie off Tuesday morning with two of our biggest t-shirt lines, Velvet by Graham & Spencer and Splendid. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Both collections were packed with soft shades of indigo and natural hues. This is the first place we really saw the denim on denim trend carrying into knitwear, one of the biggest trends for Spring 2014. From here on out, every line we saw played off of the many shades of blues found in denim, styling indigo dyed tees and sweaters back to blue jeans.

Needless to say I was in indigo heaven! Those of you that know me or have worked with me in the store know that I have an affinity for denim....I eat, sleep and breathe denim. (I remember blue jeans that customers bought three years ago!) And furthermore, blue is my favorite color of all time. This Spring, blue is indeed the new black and I could not be happier!

Beyond my blue heaven we saw many other fun trends. One trend that every designer seemed to ‘jump' on was the jumper, romper, one-piece....call it what you will, everyone is doing it for Spring! My personal favorite was a chambray jumper by Splendid which we will be surely getting at Bliss. Paired back to a linen cardigan and jazzy oxfords, you can't go wrong with this piece. Another trend that I really enjoyed was the drapey trouser pant. We saw some of these last season, but this season, designers have taken this style to the next level with luxe fabrics and funky prints. Most of them were relaxed with a tapered hem. My favorite versions were solid chambray by Bella Dahl who specializes in chambray shirting and a funky vintage-like graphic print by Ella Moss.

We rounded off our trip with a visit to The Steven Alan Showroom, one of my favorite NYC destinations. Here we saw not only fabulous printed shirting by Steven Alan, but gorgeous J.W. Hulme leather bags, soft whispery cashmere by Demylee and sophisticatedly striped scarves by Lemlem. You could seriously curate a store out of this one showroom!

All in all, I think this show was super inspiring and makes me long for green grass and blue skies that only exist in Spring, but we have aways to go. I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse. I cannot wait to share more of Bliss' indigo delights with you......come Spring 2014!

- Michelle, General Manager & Buyer