Steven Alan

It's Valentine's Day - a time for chocolates & love. And while there are a bunch of things we adore (husbands, besties, and our moms), we couldn't help but put the spotlight on one of our most-loved brands - Steven Alan. Just this week we received an impressively-large shipment from the New York based company & it was bursting full of spring essentials.

Some of our favorites? This 100% cotton crew neck sweater with twist side seams, slits at the hem, and a slightly longer shirt tail hem. Available in both navy & oatmeal, this sweater makes our hearts go pitter-patter. Next is the ever-so perfect shirtdress in a "moss bouquet" print. Yes, receiving flowers on Valentine's Day is always nice, but this floral print promises to put a smile on your face for many seasons to come. Lastly, this Steven Alan camp skirt is the definition of wearable. Made from a soft & lightweight cotton blend, this top will pair perfectly with everything in your closet. It's a match made in heaven.

Wishing you a happy (and stylish!) Valentine's Day! (Ladies, feel free to share this blog with that special someone! It's totally okay to drop hints.)

♥ Keriann