Not all accessories are created equal: some take months of careful planning, harvesting fibers, spinning, weaving, and quality testing to make the final product, and that is why we first fell in love with Destin Scarves when we learned of them. Once we felt the scarves around our necks, we were hooked for life. Take a look into the history and work behind these scarves, ponchos, and capes to see what sets these apart from your average accessories!

It all starts with flax plants grown in Western Russia, where they have grown for centuries. Growing flax is incredibly eco-friendly because no artificial irrigation is necessary for the plants to grow, and all parts of the plants are used. At just the right time, the flax is uprooted (never mown!), dried, and the seeds are separated from the fibers. Fibers are eventually turned into "ribbons" and are soon ready for weaving. The fibers can be spun in different ways to either create a slightly shiny look, or the more traditional textured look. The weavers masterfully create these luxurious scarves, capes, and ponchos in solid hues, stripes, ombre, and checks. Linen is naturally allergen free, and absorbs moisture which makes it ideal for year round wear.

Whether you're looking for a poncho, a cape, or a scarf, you're sure to be enamored with these indigo and grey beauties. We can't wait to wear them with crisp white tops, our favorite pair of jeans, and a pair of slip on sneakers!