Create: Your Story. Your Inspiration. Your Identity.

Ever wanted to customize your own charm necklace or bracelet? Maybe with your name or the name/initials of loved ones? Well, now's your chance - our NashelleIdentity Collection Trunk Show starts this Thursday! It's our first-ever event that allows YOU to be the designer and create a piece of jewelry that's unique to you & your story. Or give a really special gift (Mother's Day is right around the corner!).

Nashelle's delicate hoop earrings, memorable state necklaces and customizable Identity Collection keep us wanting more. It's true - this jewelry line really speaks to us.And the company's roots have a lot to do with it:

Heather Nashelle Straw always thought she would grow up to be a shoe designer or dress maker. Believe it or not, she admits that jewelry design didn't feel as natural to her. However, that quickly changed - after studying metal arts at the University of Alaska Southeast, a whole new world of design was revealed to her; one that was inspired by simplicity and the combining of metals & stones. All of a sudden Heather started paying close attention to the changing of seasons, the beauty in nature and the many facets of women. And that's when she started her own jewelry line - Nashelle! She would spend all day designing & creating on her living room floor and would sell her jewelry just by wearing it in public. From that point on, she worked diligently to turn her new-found passion into her lifelong career.

Now over twelve years later, Nashelle is a team of 20 talented designers, jewelry makers and office assistants. Each & every piece is handmade in their warehouse in Bend, Oregon from recycled 14k gold fill and sterling silver materials, as well as natural gemstones. The pride Heather takes in her work, along with her vision, truly make her designs wearable works of art.

Pretty inspiring story, huh? Just wait until you see the jewelry line in person.Join us this Thursday, April 18th - Sunday, April 21st for some shopping, champagne & cupcakes! And stay tuned, we'll be sharing more exclusive details about the event tomorrow...

♥ Keriann