It's the most anticipated event of the summer!

Our Skif Trunkshow is almost here, and there's a lot to be excited about. In addition to the 250 new Skif pieces we're bringing in exclusively for the trunkshow, you'll have a chance to meet our rep Emily from St. Louis, munch on some sweet treats, and enjoy a glass of delicious Prosecco. Oh, and get 10% OFF all Skif items too!

And it gets better. Not only will we have racks upon racks of the best-ever sweaters, but we will also be showcasing a special jewelry collection. Jewelry designer Dominique Mattozzi will be in our Portland store with over 20 of her hand-made designs. This detail-oriented collection is full of gold-filled jewelry mixed with hand-cut leathers, weaved wool & cashmere yarns, and semi-precious stones. Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask us! (Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Q&A with Dominique & a preview of her work.)

The event kicks off on Thursday, August 9th (one week from today!)and goes thru Sunday, August 12th. Mark your calendars - this is our biggest event of the summer!

♥ Keriann