Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie

One of our Bliss shoppers, Sara Willis, is a huge fan of Prairie Underground - especially their cloak hoodies. A few months ago, she shared her story about her missing cloak hoodie & her adorable little pup that tracked it down... months later. It was too good not to share:

It was in September when I was taking my dog Koda for a walk. We ended up at the ball field & I took off my cloak hoodie and threw the ball to him. I must have draped it on the bleachers because I forgot about it & walked home. When I realized it was gone, it never occurred to me that I had left it there since we had been all over that day. And somehow, I think I even forgot I had been wearing it! I looked everywhere for it, but had no luck.

Our first snow this winter came really early (right before Halloween!), and I thought I would never see my cloak hoodie again. Then, mid-way through the winter & months later, we were on a walk and Koda wanted to go into the ball field again. We walked over there, I let him off his leash & he immediately took off for the bleachers. He started sniffing around - I went over to see what he was getting into & could see a little bit of color sticking up through the snow. Frozen solid & covered in mud was my lost Prairie Underground hoodie! I brought it home, washed it and now it's uniquely colored. I still wear it - and it's color is definitley one-of-a-kind now! Needless to say, Koda got LOTS of treats that day!

Good dog, Koda! Thanks for sharing this great story with us, Sara. We're so glad you found your missing cloak hoodie!

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{Do you have a lost & found story? We would love to hear it!}

♥ Keriann