AG's East Coast Sales Manager

Summertime in New England is a time of happiness... for many reasons really. Sunshine, beach days, drinks on the patio, bright additions to our wardrobes - I could go on and on. It's also the kickoff of our event season here at Bliss, and what better way to start than with our AG Trunk Show!

If you've been to this event in years past, you know that it's always a good time full of the best fits and styles from AG. Along with our try & buy giveaways, free gift with purchase and yummy treats, our AG sales rep will be visiting our Portland store for the event! She will be here to offer her expertise on denim and help you find that perfect pair (or two!) that you've been searching for.

Meet Jenny. She's someone we love working with and a very dear friend of Bliss. Keep reading to find out more about her career at AG, her denim secrets, and her advice for finding that favorite pair of jeans:

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this Q&A blog with us. Our AG Trunk Show is one of our most anticipated events of the year and we love having you in town for it. For our readers who are not as familiar with AG, can you share a little background about the company?

AG was started in 2000 by Yul Ku - a pioneer in the denim industry! Since 2000, we have been one of the few premium denim brands that is 100% vertically integrated - which means we cut, sew, launder, finish and ship all under one roof. We take pride in the quality & craftsmanship of our product, the fabrics that we use that are exclusive to us and our amazing FIT! Our DNA is rooted in denim; however, we have truly evolved over the years as a contemporary lifestyle brand. As a company we believe in being socially responsible and active by using eco-friendly technology and fibers, as well as our partnerships with charitable organizations. AG stands to be Chic. Sophisticated. Classic.

How long have you worked for AG?

I have been selling AG on sales floors since 2003; it has always been my favorite go-to jean when it comes to fitting a customer! But now that I am on the wholesale side, I have been repping the brand since 2009 - so it has been a little over four years!

What's your favorite thing about your job?

Since working with AG, I have been able to travel and meet so many amazing people all over the midwest and east coast! I have made such wonderful relationships and have seen so many different types of stores - it's interesting to see how each store is unique and in tune to their customers' needs! I love helping all of the stores that I work with pick the right assortment of AG for their customers.

What jeans do you find yourself reaching for time and time again? How do you normally style them?

I am a sucker for black skinnies! They're my everyday go-to! I love wearing them with a great pair of ankle boots.

We were just in NYC a few weeks ago and loved seeing AG's fall collection - it looks awesome! What are your favorite jeans from the upcoming collection?

For fall we have some amazing vintage washes; we really have achieved that perfect worn in blue jean look! I am also really excited about all of the new coated leggings that we are showing for fall.

What advice do you have for our customers who are on the hunt for the perfect jeans?

I think it is always important to find the perfect fit in the perfect fabric. This combination makes you never want to take your favorite jeans off!

Many of our customers ask us for tips on caring for their new jeans. Do you have any laundry secrets?

I suggest to wash your jeans inside out with cold water - and HANG DRY! The dryer can be used later to soften the jeans once they're already dry. The heat in a dryer can be damaging to the fabric if you dry your jeans on a regular basis!

We're seeing a lot of denim on denim for spring/summer. Would you wear this trend?

I think it is a super cute trend, although I have not done it yet! One way to wear it - if you are afraid of the blue on blue look - is to try a grey or black jean to break up the blues. I am a fan of the blue on blue look though!

We're getting some white jeans with rips in for our Trunk Show. What do you recommend pairing with white denim?

That's what is so great about white denim - you can wear them with ANYTHING! I think white looks cool with an easy t-shirt or chambray shirt... or you can even dress them up!

Lastly, we know you have family up this way. What's your favorite thing about summertime in New England?

The BEACHES for sure! There is nothing that can compare to a New England beach town in the summer! I am so looking forward to being in one of the coolest cities in New England at one of my favorite stores for the day!

{A special thank you to Jenny for taking the time to chat with us. We can't wait to have you here for our AG Trunk Show - see you on Friday!}