One of our favorite things to see at Bliss Boutiques is the bond mothers and daughters share over style and beauty. Many mother/daughter duos visit us together, and we love to see the mutual interest bringing them closer. In honor of Mother's Day being just around the corner, we took a few minutes to ask some of our favorite mothers and daughters about this bond!

What kind of role does beauty and style play in the relationship between you and your mother?

Laura- "Being the only girl in a family of four kids, shopping became one of our favorite thing to do together. It was our way of sharing quality time. She showed me how to work hard and treat myself in return."

(Laura, Digital Manager at Bliss Boutiques pictured with her mother Marilyn.)

What is your favorite thing your mom wears?

Matilda, age 5- " My favorite is her rose sweatshirt."

Ena, age 3- " I wish you would wear a pink dress."

(Katy, sales associate at Little, pictured with her daughters Matilda and Ena.)

What did you learn from your mom about beauty and style that you hope to pass on to your daughter?

"My mom taught me, by example, that beauty isn't just about how you look. It's about strength and compassion, and putting others first. My hope is to show Juliette how to love others, the way my mom always did (and still does!). Cinderella said it best, "Have courage and be kind".

(Katie, customer and model at Bliss Boutiques, pictured with her daughter Juliette.)

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Bliss!