Sixteen years ago, we opened our doors for business in our Portland and Portsmouth communities. With two stores full of denim and accessories we couldn't wait to share with you, the journey began! Since then, the adventure has never slowed: we've found and met the most incredible designers to share with you, made lasting friendships with our neighbors in our communities, built relationships with loyal customers, grown our team, and opened a thriving webstore. We adore knowing and working with you to make you feel your most stylish, comfortable, and unique, and look forward to many more years to doing just that. To celebrate our Sweet Sixteen, we asked some of our team members to share their favorite parts of Bliss. Be sure to stop by our stores between 3/8-3/12 for a birthday surprise, and if you'd like to share what you love about Bliss, we'd love to hear!

"My favorite thing about Bliss is being surrounded by clothing, accessories and, most of all, people that inspire me. Over the past 16 years I have met so many amazing customers and have enjoyed helping them create their every day wardrobes and dress for special occasions. Knowing that customers feel comfortable in our stores and feel good about the things they are purchasing makes me really happy." -Michelle, 16 years with Bliss

"My favorite thing about Bliss is that we cater to women of all ages and personal styles. I have always looked to fashion as a way to express myself and feel good in my own skin. I truly love helping other women achieve that same feeling and discover the joys of dressing!" -Althea, 10 years with Bliss

"I love the emphasis on quality placed on all the pieces we carry at Bliss - as the person receiving the merchandise it makes my job easier that we carry brands I can trust & believe in and I know it makes us all more confident when it comes time to sell it all. Also I am a bit of a hot mess and I like that my clothes are quality & durable enough to withstand my lifestyle. It is also nice that the people here have always embraced me - hot mess and all!" - Kelly, 8 years with Bliss

"I love Bliss for our personal connections with each and every customer. Women with different personal styles can come in and feel confident we will help them find the perfect outfit! From T-shirts to that impossible pair of jeans they have been searching for, we have it here at Bliss!" - Tiffany, 6 years with Bliss

"Bliss is the reason I get dressed, walk out the door with a smile on my face and the confidence that no matter what the day brings, I am ready to tackle it head-on. I think Audrey Hepburn said it best "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls" and there is no phrase that rings more true to how Bliss has made me feel about my style than just that. Happy." - Regina, 4 years with Bliss

"There are a million obvious reasons I love Bliss: getting sneak peeks at the season's newest pieces before they go into our stores, staying up-to-trend on the best denim styles, and working in the heart of the Old Port. There are also many less obvious reasons that adore: building friendships with the other downtown employees from the Bard staff to our mail/delivery persons and everyone in between, getting to interact with our web customers on our social media accounts, watching the Old Port shift and grow with beautiful new businesses (but especially our sister store Little), and working alongside women who have become my family." -Jill, 3 years with Bliss

"I love Bliss because we are dedicated to giving our customers a great shopping experience! So often a customer will come in totally frustrated about their seemingly endless search for the right pair of jeans. It's so gratifying when we come together to find the perfect pair, and they tell me the experience was painless and easy!"- Merry, 3 years with Bliss

"I have met so many incredible women in my years at Bliss. So often, as we help our customers find the items that they need, we naturally end up getting to know a little bit about one another, real conversations happen, and connections take root. It's more than just picking out a pair of jeans. You have the pleasure of helping someone to feel comfortable, confident, and happy in their clothes, and that is truly rewarding." - Amie, 3 years with Bliss

"What I love about Bliss is the warm environment we create for every woman who walks in the door. With clothes, jewelry, or accessories for any body type, every and any one can leave the store feeling like their best selves. The constant smiles and friendly conversations exchanged between customers and the Bliss staff make working the fabulous experience it is!"- Maura, 1 year at Bliss