Little 'Blue' Dress

By: Erin King, Portsmouth Store Manager

There are a few pieces in fashion that are timeless: red lipstick, the perfect trench, a great pair of black pumps and a well-fitted blazer are only a few to mention. But it goes without saying that the most recognizable wardrobe ‘staple' a woman should invest in is the little black dress.

LBDs are pieces that instantly help a woman go from day to night and lend themselves to being a go-to outfit for numerous occasions. Hugging in all the right places and always flattering, LBDs have made the lives of women everywhere immensely easier. With so much of our lives being spent on-the-go and in high gear, who doesn't love a little help when it comes to maneuvering their wardrobe?

Now, the effortlessness that follows LBDs has gotten easier (and a little brighter too!). Enter: the Little Blue Dress. This season, we are surrounded by color. Pops of berry pinks and soft lavender hues. So, it was only natural to bring in some of those classic LBD shapes and invest in some blue!

A little blue dress is a great way to spruce up your closet, especially if you're like most of us and so much of your wardrobe is black (we'll admit it, here at Bliss we can all be a little guilty of this too...). A little blue dress can be just as versatile, sexy and classic as it's well-known sister.

Easily pair-able with black and other neutrals, blue dresses are also amazing canvases for those bright turquoise earrings or that amazing coral necklace you've been dying to wear to help ring in our spring season! Have a wedding, cocktail party or just a need to buy a new dress? We've got you covered. We have little dresses of all types coming in sapphire and azure blues from one of our favorite designers, Susana Monaco. With soft chiffon, open-backs and structured pleats, they're every bit as lovely to try on as they are to look at. And don't worry, we're always stocked in black too!

♥ Erin