Citizens of Humanity: Pioneers in Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Environmentally-friendly clothing manufacturing has finally become a lifestyle choice more and more customers are choosing to support. While it's incredibly exciting this shift in mindset is fast-spreading, there are companies who committed themselves to bettering their manufacturing practices over a decade ago. Take a peak at a behind-the-scenes videos from the factory of Citizens of Humanity, one of the brands who pioneered the way to a more sustainable, green denim industry:

Feeling Gifty?

If you're anything like us, you enjoy giving gifts that are made eco-consciously, with quality that makes the piece heirloom-worthy, tons of style, and uniqueness to boot. To help simplify your shopping this season, we polled Bliss owner Angie, general manager Michelle, and Portsmouth Bliss manager Tiffany to see what they're planning on giving this year. We adore the selections they made, read below for gifts that would make anyone smile!