Three Reasons To Love Getting Dressed

We talk about CP Shades all the time (how could we not!), but do you know exactly why we love this line of clothing so much? If you're unfamiliar with the brand, or want to know more about it, we're highlighting three of our favorite CP Shades qualities below!

Ten Reasons To Love Sweater Weather

Now that Labor Day is well behind us, can we officially say it's sweater weather? It's not that we want to rush summer out the door, it's just that we can't wait any longer to share our sweater collection with you! We've picked ten of our favorites to share with all of you cozy-loving ladies:

One Bliss Fave, Three Ways

Here at Bliss, we're always on the hunt for specialty pieces to introduce to our customers. The kind of clothing and accessories you won't find just anywhere. Pieces with style, longevity, and of course, versatility. When we found Dragon Bags, hand-woven in India with supple leather, we knew they'd become the bag we took everywhere, all summer long. Read below for three of many different occasions that call for a Dragon Bag, and the outfits we'd wear.

Our Bliss Littles

Calling all mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and friends of children: we have CP Shades and Prairie Underground pieces for kids! As soon as we saw these tiny versions of the styles we wear from the brands we adore, we knew we needed them.

Fresh Picks

Months and months before each new season approaches, our buying team flies to New York City to pour over both the newest trends and the improvements on classics that each line we carry has to offer. The best part about it? We get a sneak peek at all the best that's to come! We've been dying to share what 2017 has to offer, so to kick off a new year, we're highlighting two of our very favorites:

Trending Hemlines

If you're looking for a trend that accommodates every shape and size body, shakes up your wardrobe in the best way, and can easily pair with the pieces you already own, try adding a pair of jeans with a unique hemline to your closet! We have plenty to chose from, and have pulled together a collection of the latest and greatest released and raw hems so you can join in the fun.