Introducing: Womxn's Rites

"We are feminists in fashion, using the power of industry to affect social change. Promoting luxury rituals that honor feminized labor while funding direct action to advance womxn's rites." With a mission statement that strong, it's no wonder why we fell in love with Womxn's Rites: a line of loungewear and lingerie created by the makers of Prairie Underground. If the mission statement isn't enough to stop you in your tracks, their hand-crafted pieces made from fine and sustainable fabrics will be.

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One of our favorite things to see at Bliss Boutiques is the bond mothers and daughters share over style and beauty. Many mother/daughter duos visit us together, and we love to see the mutual interest bringing them closer. In honor of Mother's Day being just around the corner, we took a few minutes to ask some of our favorite mothers and daughters about this bond!