Oversized, Floppy & Fedoras

It's high summer - have you found that perfect sun hat yet? Meet 3 of our favorite sun hats, hand-picked just for you!

The Oversized Topper
Slightly dramatic, super fashionable, and completely necessary for those long days at the beach - it's the Fringed Open Weave Sun Hat by Hat Attack. Choose a black weave with a khaki trim or a natural weave with a chocolate & white dot trim... (or don't choose at all & get them both!). The best part? Not only will this oversized hat protect your beautiful skin, but it also can do wonders for those days when your hair has a mind of it's own. Take that, bad hair days!

Fun & Floppy
Effortless and casual, floppy hats help make everything a little more fun. We're huge fans of The San Diego Hat Company - their two floppy hats (one made of a light-colored suede and the other of chambray) are summer hat perfection. Throw one on, and finish the look with a pair of denim cut-offs, a breezy top and a few of The ROPES bracelets. It's a look you'll want to keep on repeat all summer long.

Small Brim Must-Have
Fedora hats have a way of making everyone look a little more stylish, don't you agree? Even though I'm not much of a hat wearer, I do own a fedora... and an old baseball hat that I've had for years. Clearly the fedora is the much better option! Easy to wear, regardless of bone structure or hair length, the fedora is our MVP of summer hats. Available in a natural cane weave, this $94 hat is definitely money well spent.

Hats and summer go hand in hand. Don't delay any longer, stop by our stores & check out our selection. You'll be glad you did.

{Tell me: What's your favorite hat?}

♥ Keriann