The Michelle Tech Clutch is soon to be your new best friend.

As women in today's world, we are a part of the new media age. We have ipads, iphones, imacs, the list goes on. Naturally with so many gadgets, we need something to store it all and let's face it - as cute and comfortable as a shoulder bag is, how long does it take you to find ONE thing? Personally, I'm the girl on the sidewalk, bag on the ground searching for my keys, phone, etc. Finally, Frye has introduced a clutch that is as functional as it is flirty. The Michelle Tech Clutch (available in dark brown & cognac) has 5 sleek compartments to keep your stuff and (therefore your life) organized and easily accessible. From us here at Bliss, we thank you, Frye Gods.

Happy #Fryeday