The Ladies of Bliss Share Their Holiday Gifting Ideas

Michelle's Picks:

For my cousin, Liz - Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie in Nightshade
"The cloak hoodie is something she looks at every time she comes into the store - so it will be the perfect Christmas present for her this year!"
For my mom - Epice Scarf..."because she always steals mine when she babysits!"
For my sister-in-law, Dominique - Nashelle Maine-State Charm Necklace
"She lives in Queens, New York but her heart has always been in Maine."

Althea's Picks:

For my sister, Colleen - Butter by Nadia Signature Jersey Wrap Dress in Black
"Colleen is a social butterfly - she lives in NYC - so I can see her wearing this dress all the time. It's the best-ever LBD."
For my rockstar friend, Kate - Frye Carson Oxfords in Fawn
"She works three jobs & is on her feet all day, but still loves a little heel!"
For my mom - Butter by Nadia Wool Blanket Coat in Gravel
"This wool coat is timeless - she will love it!"

Tonia's Picks:

For my son, Sean - Pendleton Harding Blanket
"It's the perfect blanket for his couch - and the southwestern print really reminded me of him."
For my grandson, Travis (who is the lead singer in the local band, Butcher Boys)- Pendleton Ceremonial Blanket in Smoke and Mustard
"The neutral colors will work great in his apartment!"
For my grand-daughter, Hannah - New Scotland Orange Fisherman Pompom Hat..."fits her bouncy curls & bubbly personality to a tee!"

Narissa's Picks:

For my best friend, Shirin - The Ropes Multi-Strand Bracelet
"She moved to Portland, Oregon recently and this made-in-Maine bracelet will remind her of home... and me of course!"
For my other best friend, Abby - Lemlem Scarf... "will give her a little dose of color - she'll love it."
For my boyfriend, Alex - Voluspa Baltic Amber Home Diffuser..."for his new apartment!"

Kelly's Picks:

For my mom - Skif Sweater
"It's unique & the perfect indulgence that she wouldn't necessarily treat herself to."
For my sister, Allie - Lisa B Over-the-Knee Cable Knit Socks
"Allie wears boots all the time (she's a total boot junkie!), and these socks would look so cute peaking out from all her high boots!"
For my best friend, Maggie - TOMS Black Glitter Slip-On Sneakers
"She throws an epic New Year's Eve party every year and these shoes will be great - both festive and comfortable for dancing the night away!"

Keriann's Picks:

For my mom - Chan Luu Scarf in Adobe Rose
"She'll love this dusty rose color - and maybe she'll even let me borrow it from time to time!"
For my sister-in-law, Jess - Demylee Alexa Cashmere Leggings..."will help keep her toasty-warm for the long winters they have in Idaho!"
For my friend, Noelle - Steven Alan Silk Cindy Top in Brown Leopard..."nothing less for my fashionista best friend!"

Erin's Picks:

For my sister, Eliza - Butter by Nadia Signature Jersey Wrap Dress in Gravel
"She is constantly on the go & will love all the different ways she can wear this dress."
For my best friend, Landi - The AG "Goldie" Jean
"These high-waisted bell-bottoms will compliment her excessive heel collection perfectly!"
For my Aunt Sally - Spiewak McElroy Parka in Grey
"Aunt Sally is always outside - walking her dogs, running errands, etc. - so she would get tons of use out of this coat. She'll love that it's both fashionable AND functional!"

Cindy's Picks:

For my sister, Cherri - ILux Cashtina Tights in Charcoal
"My sister wears skirts and shorts year-round... she will layer these cashmere tights under everything."
For my sister-in-law, Shelly - Frye Melissa Button Boots in Black
"These boots are classic and can be dressed-up or dressed-down - no wonder they're one of our best-sellers!"
For my son's girlfriend, Kayla - AG Angel Bootcut Jeans
"She wears jeans a lot - I have a feeling these will be her new favorite pair in her closet."

Marla's Picks:

For my sister-in-law, Julia - French Cade Lavender Voluspa Candle... "she's constantly burning candles at her house!"
For my mom - Honey Booty Joe's Jeans
"She'll be thrilled to open this gift - Joe's Jeans are her favorite."
For my close friend, Shannon - Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie in Black... "great for dashing to and from yoga!"

Sophia's Picks:

For my mom - Velvet Cashmere Sweater
"My mom is ALWAYS cold - she needs this warm & cozy sweater!"
For my best friend, Emily - Prairie Underground Denim Girdle in Sable
"I just got these for myself and she already wants to borrow them - they will be the perfect present for her."
For my sister, Kelsey - Nashelle Small Gold Metro Hoop Earrings..."since she just started wearing gold jewelry!"

And there you have it - all of our gifting ideas for this holiday season! Hopefully our lists will help you while you're out shopping for friends and family during the next couple of weeks. After all, it is better to give than receive (well, sometimes that is!).

Merry Christmas!