Your favorite leg-elongating, no-fuss yet chic flip flops are back! We stocked up on all of the staples, and added additional colors so there's a palette for everyone. Not familiar with TKEES? We'll let you in on our summer shoe-secret!

TKEES are slim, leather sandals meant to enhance the natural beauty of the leg with their minimalistic design. Chose a color that matches your skin tone for maximum lengthening from the Foundations line. The Glosses and SPF lines closely match skin tones, but the added shine of the patent leather makes for a fun addition to your summer outfit! Liners feature dark, classic tones and serve as the perfect liner to your body, just as eye-liner does for the face! Lastly, Glitters have a bit of shimmer to them, in case you'd like to dress up your outfit!

With over 25 different color options, we're sure you'll find a pair to fall in love with!