Destination for Denim on Denim

Destination for Denim on Denim

It’s no secret that we are obsessed with denim. One of our most popular photos ever posted to social media was this shot of Espy in denim on denim (on denim!). 

Even to this day we find that picture popping up in our notifications so let’s talk about different ways to try this style without going full Britney & Justin circa 2001.

Try Matching the Wash: 
Keeping the outfit tonal is not only a current trend, but a timeless one when it comes to pairing denim with denim. This can be tricky when trying to avoid clashing, but if you find the right “match” it is pure outfit bliss.

Try Going for Entirely Different Tones:
This is a bit of a safer bet when you aren’t certain of the wash. White denim, black denim, colored denim, light, or dark wash can all be mixed together.

Break it up with another neutral:
While denim is our favorite neutral - breaking up your outfit with a pop of white or black can really make the denim pop.