Oversized “Rules” We are Breaking Up With

Oversized “Rules” We are Breaking Up With

If you read any blog from 2020 you’ll be flooded with the rules of wearing oversized clothing. Here are three rules we think you should be breaking in 2024.

"You must define your waist”
While we love cinching in a dress with one of our favorite belts from Depalma - it’s absolutely not necessary to constantly be worried about defining your waist. We all have those days where we have to be out an about, but would rather be at home. Throwing on an easy oversized dress and calling it a day is one of the easiest ways to be put together, but not have to put too much effort into it.

“Balance the Outfit”
The number one piece of advice you’ll find online about wearing oversized clothing is that you have to balance it out with fitted clothing as well. IE - If you wear an oversized top you must wear skinny jeans. One look at our website, or any of our photoshoots and you’ll see this is fully untrue. We love an oversized button up, with a Wendy pant from CP Shades - or a baggy jean with and oversized sweater.

“Don’t add too many bulky layers”
Layer. It. Up. Throw on an Inoui Editions or an Epice scarf over your oversized outfit and it will never be the wrong choice.

While we still think you CAN incorporate these rules, we definitely think you should try breaking them this year.