The Perfect Pair of Jeans

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I grew up in a generation of girls obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jeans. We watched “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and were immediately sold on the idea the the right pair of jeans could change your life.

The truth is - it may not change your life dramatically, but the right pair of jeans can change how you step out into the world on a daily basis. When you’re not spending the day pulling them up due to a bad fit, worrying about how they’ll feel when you sit down, or wondering if they have enough stretch for chasing your toddler around the park - the pants you are wearing can make or break your day.

The bottom line is you have to consider your values when it comes to the denim you choose. Here are some considerations we take when finding the right fit.

Set Aside Time to Try On Different Styles:
Often times Bliss Shoppers visit the store on a mission to find a specific brand or pair, but end up leaving with a new and unexpected choice. It’s always a good idea to come with an open mind, and to come prepared to try on a few different styles.

Fabric Matters:
The type of denim fabric can significantly impact the overall feel and look of your jeans. This goes beyond color and directly into how the jean is constructed. Do you want structure, or would you prefer more elasticity in your denim? AGOLDE, AMO, Citizens of Humanity lean towards less stretch, where Edwin and AG Jeans favor a more forgiving denim.

Learn the Lingo:
There are so many factors when it comes to fit. High Rise, Low rise, Stretch, inseam, Slim, skinny, Boot, Flare - the list goes on. We are denim experts and can help you navigate these questions during your visit.

The likelihood is that what works for your three very best friends won’t work for you. However you can find the perfect pair of jeans, and the first step is a trip to Bliss.